Phil Simms couldn’t care less about Winston’s interceptions

When NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said he was scared to death of Florida State’s Jameis Winston, he meant he was scared of all the interceptions he threw. During his recent conference call with the media as well as throughout his combine coverage Mayock said countless times Winston’s interceptions concern him the most. He made quite a big deal about it and at times heading into the weekend sounded a bit agitated with all the Winston talk. 

Well, there is someone who feels the complete opposite about all the interception talk. That someone is CBS analyst and two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Phil Simms.

“How come we don’t hear that — Jameis Winston’s touchdown to interception ratio was horrendous. You don’t hear that and you know why? Who cares,” Simms emphatically said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “What does it really mean? It means basically nothing. Think about all the college quarterback who had unbelievable touchdown to interception ratios and they were careful with the football but can’t play at all in the NFL or come to the NFL and are turnover machines.

“I find all that talk — it drives me crazy. If you have common intelligence, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon, it doesn’t take a lot so I think it gets beaten to death and it’s talked about too much.”

Simms would add that Winston is the best thrower in the draft while Oregon’s Marcus Mariota is not a natural thrower. But the Mariota faithful should not be so upset as Simms says he can eventually get there.

You can hear his takes on both quarterbacks as well as other draft eligible quarterbacks below.


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AmyDascola said : Guest Report one year ago

Go bucs get Winston

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