Proof why the Aguayo complaints are comical

roberto aguayo beast mouth pieceI can’t stress enough how bad it is to follow advanced stat sites like PFF and a couple others. Ever since a team scout sarcastically told me a few years back that the work those sites do is “cute” and teams don’t pay much attention to their grading and statistic systems I stopped paying attention to them.

Since then we have seen PFF come under fire for their senseless grading and not so in-depth player stats. They were up to usual selves when the Buccaneers drafted Florida State standout kicker Roberto Aguayo.

PFF was quick to point out how “bad” Aguayo was for 40+ yards out. Many ate that up, like their following normally does. I too was often asked about it but continued to advise the masses not to worry, Aguayo will be just fine. I’ve seen enough of his kicks to not be concerned.

Now there is proof as to why you shouldn’t, once again, pay attention to those advanced stat nerds or overseas blogs that find those type of stats to have some form of legitimacy to them.

Thanks to good friend and loyal TBC reader, @derickoversell, who presents this wonderful nugget from Reddit on Aguayo via Twitter. It turns out that the Buccaneers new franchise kicker was a perfect 8-for-8 from 40+ yards out inside the college hashmarks, which is where Aguayo will now be kicking from in the NFL.

So, as I told someone on Twitter when the Bucs made their selection, don’t pay attention to those negative stats. Angles played a role in what many wanted to harp on. As you can see above, that is exactly the case here and further proving that “advanced stat” sites aren’t so advanced after all.


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