Ron Jaworski has some advice for Jameis Winston

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski was once very certain the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were drafting Marcus Mariota. The draft has come and gone and Mariota is obviously not in the bay area. 

Instead it was Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston who gets to throw on the pewter helmet and lead the Buccaneers offense. But Winston has seen some struggles throughout the first week of camp and several have viewed the interceptions thrown during practice as a big deal. Not Jaworski.

Instead, the former NFL quarterback and current ESPN analyst offers Winston some words of wisdom that was once told to him by a former coach.

“So I want a gunslinger, aggressive attitude,” Jaworkski told JoeBucsFan.com. “And maybe to put a story behind that, one of my old coaches who is in the Hall of Fame, Sid Gilman, used to say, “In training camp, test yourself. In preseason, test yourself. See the throws that you can make consistently and those that you can’t make consistently. So when you get to the regular season and you think there is a throw there you can make, and you missed it three times in the preseason, don’t get carried away and think you can stick it in there. Know what you can do.””

The Bucs have given Winston many different looks to get him to quickly adapt to the National Football League and the speed of a defense. While Winston has had problems, no one within the organization views it as a problem. Especially not Winston.

“It’s not about [bouncing back from interceptions]. It’s about learning,” Winston said. “It’s about getting better every single day. Sometimes you have to make mistakes to get better from them. Luckily, this is practice and that’s what practice is for.”

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