Rumored Jets package should green light Glennon trade

Let me preface this by saying this is a hypothetical situation. Whether there is ant legitimacy to this or not remains to be seen. However, when there is smoke, there is fire and that could be the case in what I am about to share.

I am on record saying the Bucs should not trade quarterback Mike Glennon. It is an unpopular opinion to some level, but Glennon’s role on the team is more than just a backup holding the clipboard. Yes, Jameis Winston is growing into his own and has some great offensive coaches to lean on. Having someone who has been battle-tested on the field is also crucial. And that is what Glennon provides.

On Thursday, a report in the New York Times suggested a trade between the Jets and Buccaneers, where New York sends Tampa Bay defensive lineman Mo Wilkerson for Glennon. Here’s what was said, via NYDN’s Manish Mehta.

The feeling around the league is that the Bucs don’t have to get a first-round pick in return for Glennon, who is entering the final year of his rookie contract. Would the Jets be willing to dole out a second-rounder for Glennon? A third-rounder is a no-brainer for a player, who can start right away and have a chance to be your long-term answer at quarterback.

Could the Jets dodge giving up any premium draft picks if they dangle Wilkerson? The biggest stumbling block, of course, would be Tampa’s willingness to pay Wilkerson the $40+ million in guarantees that he desires in a long-term deal. Remember, the Bucs gave defensive tackle Gerald McCoy a 7-year, $95.2 million extension two years ago. Upon first glance, it seems that ponying up big-time loot for another defensive lineman would be unlikely.

If the deal is said to be as suggested above, I’d be an idiot to say “No way. You have to still keep Glennon around.” In this particular scenario, I’d have to pull the trigger. The Bucs would have to pull the trigger. In fact, general manager Jason Licht should be on the phone as of yesterday trying to make this happen. This will give the Buccaneers a huge upgrade at a position of much need.

Again, there has not been any definite signs of legitimacy behind this. I’d say this has some wheels. Whether they turn or not is another story.

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9 Comments on Rumored Jets package should green light Glennon trade

Dan Forrest said : Guest Report 4 months ago

Not a good trade, you're giving up a QB that is paid 750 a year for some one who is paid,40 million you need a draft pick, young cheap talent

LoveYouSomeTwan said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave GilArciaTBC I'd immediately switch to a 3-4 defense no debating. We would have one of the best defenses in a long time

ChrisATLprayer said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave The #Bucs would probably need to give up a 3rd as well but if it is true PULL THE FRIGGIN TRIGGER jasonrlicht !! Pull it now!

Hrod626 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

Mo for Glennon straight up? Keep dreaming! It would have to be Glennon & a pick (or 2) for Mo. Tis' the season... "Believe nothing that you hear & only half of what you see." Please.

hillx86 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave would love if this happened

jp_bshaw said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave Battle-tested?? He has 2 more starts than Winston. Deal the man.

alexrievman said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave http://twitter.com/alexrievman/status/713500411274125315/photo/1

MaGiC_BuCs_OD said : Guest Report 4 months ago

TheBayCave all day long yes plz

swanjoseph2001 said : Guest Report 4 months ago

GilArciaTBC TheBayCave sounds like a good start for a trade. The Bucs will have to give up a draft pk as well

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