Six potential tryouts but Barth expected to sign

After missing six field goals and two extra points in four games, the Buccaneers released kicker Kyle Brindza and begin their search for a new leg beginning Tuesday. 

As you may have heard throughout the day on Monday, the Bucs will begin holding tryouts on Tuesday with several names to handle kicking duties. TheBayCave.com was told late Monday evening that the Buccaneers are expected to bring six kickers in to compete for the job. No names were given to TBC except for one and that is former Buc Connor Barth who a source said “it’s likely going to be Barth” that signs. But if you’d like to know the rest of the name, the Tampa Bay Times seems to have five of them listed.

Details were a bit murky, but it appears like the Bucs may already have their next guy in mind.

Barth is the most accurate kicker in Buccaneers history, converting 84.3 percent of his field goal attempts. But after coming back to the Buccaneers in preseason, he lost the opportunity to be brought on for the season as the Bucs handed the job to Brindza.

(This post will be frequently updated as more information becomes available.)

UPDATE 10:18 AM:

Barth’s agent confirms he is a Buc once again.

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