Stage is set for Bucs to trade up

Florida State's Jalen Ramsey

Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey

There are football Gods looking down on Tampa Bay. Odds that the Bucs draft one of the highest rated players in this upcoming draft has increased after the Philadelphia Eagles moved up to the second overall selection, possibly allowing now two quarterbacks to go first and second next Thursday night.

The Buccaneers can very well stay in their current position and possibly have a player like Ohio State’s Joey Bosa fall into their laps. Offensive tackles Laremy Tunsil and Ronnie Stanley will most likely go somewhere ahead of Tampa Bay’s pick, increasing the odds some more. That gives a potential idea of someone like Bosa becoming a reality.  They can even trade down from their No. 9 spot. But the best player in this year’s draft is Florida State’s defensive back Jalen Ramsey who will see a move to safety in the NFL — which happens to be one of the biggest needs for the team. Not cornerback like so many people are continuously suggesting.

There is a chance that Ramsey goes to San Diego with the third overall selection. With safety being one of their biggest needs, the possibility is there. Also, many reports have the Cowboys listing Ramsey at the top of their boards. So if the Buccaneers want to draft Ramsey, they will have to trade up with the Chargers and a move to the third pick in the draft could be a lot more realistic now.

Of course that still leaves San Diego with agreeing to whatever the Bucs will offer them. But general manager Jason Licht should be able to package something together. Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has mega money left on his contract through 2019 which means dangling quarterback Mike Glennon in front of them as part of the package — like some may suggest — won’t sweeten the deal. This will have to be based strictly off of draft picks. And that is something Licht and the Bucs put a lot of value on.

It is still hard to imagine Tampa Bay offering up draft selections to move up in the draft. But there is something special that could solidify their defensive backfield and strike fear in opposing receivers crossing the middle of the field.

With that said, it’s time for the Bucs to hit the stage and move up to No. 3 in the draft to grab Ramsey.

Gil Brandt on Twitter

Chargers talking about trading No. 3 pick. Trading of top 3 picks in same draft has happened 3x in modern draft era. 1967 1975 1997

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GilArciaTBC said : Guest Report 3 months ago

bucsfootball_ TheBayCave I still say slim.

bucsfootball_ said : Guest Report 3 months ago

TheBayCave GilArciaTBC what are the chances?

CarlosReyes2 said : Guest Report 3 months ago

Why would we trade up for a safety we don't need? I hope licht is smarter than this dumbass article

BillTsamis said : Guest Report 3 months ago

TheBayCave read today that Dallas not as high on Ramsey as previously thought. Could be smokescreen but....

nate2usmc said : Guest Report 3 months ago

GilArciaTBC TheBayCave huh SC_Commish

pickitpounder said : Guest Report 3 months ago

TheBayCave We need Jalen Ramsey

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