“Stop sleeping on the Bucs”

495261568Remember when I came out and predicted the Bucs would be in the Super Bowl for the 2016 season? I was referred to as being as delusional as they come. I toned it down a bit and later predicted a 10-6 record immediately after the schedule was released. Still, many chose not to believe.

Since then we have seen several outlets praise the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for how they handled free agency and their successful draft. Put all of that together and that has people talking who are now starting to believe in the idea of Tampa Bay being a contender in 2016. Add NFL Media’s Adam Schein to that growing list of believers.

In his latest column on NFL.com, Schein lists several reasons why he believes the Bucs will be “right in the mix” for playoff contention. Among the two previously mentioned reasons he feels that way is because the Bucs have a young core group of players, the first three players selected in this year’s draft will provide instant impact (including praise for the Roberto Aguayo selection) and the most obvious reason, Lovie Smith is no longer the head coach.

The coaching staff will also play a huge role in the success. With there no longer being a conflict of interest because relatives are on the staff and constant power struggles throughout the defensive secondary coaches, the Buccaneers now have a competent staff who can put players — and will put players — in position to win. Simple as that.

Many are still choosing to sleep on Tampa Bay which is why Schein ends his article saying, “Open your eyes. It’s time to stop sleeping on the Bucs.” It’s been obvious, at least for me, that you can see the potential success for 2016 around the corner. Schein went from bashing quarterback Jameis Winston last offseason and saying he should not be drafted to now becoming a believer.

There will be more people like Schein. How do I know? Because they are slowly publishing articles out about it.

The hype is infectious.

The hype, whether you want to believe it or not, is real.

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2 Comments on “Stop sleeping on the Bucs”

VICTOR Range said : Guest Report 3 months ago

I am a diehard Buc Fan and like I said before, the Road to the Super Bowl will run through TAMPA BAY BUCS for the next three to four years. Not Believe that

Willie Weems III said : Guest Report 3 months ago

My only concern is still the ownership....yes I said it....The G's...owners' of soccer team and Bucs....I'm born and raised from Tampa 40 years of my life....and I've always been a Bucs fan...I even perform and write Buccaneers Hour Jingle on FOX 13 WTVT in 1999 just before we won Super Bowl couple years later lol...I've noticed that the owners gave me doubt....it started when they let Dungey go....the way they handle the Dungey situation was totally a spit in the face but that's business as they say smh.....so I touched it out with Gruene as he took credit for The Super Bowl Team Dungey built...in my eyes...so shortly after winning Super Bowl....Gruene dismantles a Championship Team then he exits the building while he does broadcasting and still collecting checks from the G's smh lol.....so now we have a revolving door of coaches who either didn't get a fair shake or just didn't understand NFL coaching....by the way...how's that soccer team doing overseas....so here come Lovie taking on a terrible project at his helm...and he does a good job but....good doesn't cut it in the NFL....just when the wheels where kinda turning. ....u know....chemistry type stuff you develop after getting to know one another after being around each other for some time.....but wait!....The G's want instant success. .....I thought Washington thought us money can't buy instant success.....but ok....I'm broke so much respect G's....ok so now our last year offensive coordinator is now our new head coach....he did do a great job with Winston....so I'm excited to see what happens now because according to my research....I'm falling instant success doesn't happen in 2016 for our new Head Coach....then The G's will have another release in the Head Coaching position....which will suck because that CHEMISTRY will be gone once again.....kinda like pressing the reset button to start a game over lol smh.....so please The G's.....prove me wrong........that's my concern at this point concerning Tampa Bay Buccaneers....I still bleed pewter, red and orange....no matter....GO BUCS!!

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