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The sophomore slump is a key theme for the 2016 Bucs

Every sports fan is aware of the concept of the sophomore slump. It’s as synonymous with sports as trophies or Gatorade. “Sure, that rookie was good, but how will he do when teams have more tape on him?” is the question that’s asked following any successful rookie campaign. For the 2016 Bucs, it will be …

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What to buy from Buccaneer OTA’s

Offseason OTA’s are underway for the Buccaneers, and like their 31 counterparts around the league there is boundless optimism surrounding the team. OTA’s are enjoyable and fun for this very reason, but also dangerous from the standpoint of expectations. Everyone looks good, and sometimes we fall into the trap of buying into certain players, themes, …

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Buccaneers Pre-Draft Overview

With Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith now in charge or their respective sides of the ball, the team has a new-look coaching staff with some familiar faces. The Buccaneers roster is far from complete but we’ll go position by position and fast track an overview of the roster as it stands and who in the draft that the …

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Bucs-Vikings Preseason: What to watch for

Ah… It’s finally here. 

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The offensive line is a “work in progress”

The 2014 Buccaneers struggled mightily with protecting their quarterback. Entering the 2015 NFL Draft, the offensive line was a big focal point for them. 

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Looking into the Bucs draft class

Every Buccaneers fan has been eyeing the first pick of the NFL draft since the week 17 match-up came to an end. While fans beat the debate between Winston and Mariota to death, the Buccaneers were focused on making sure their top choice was everything they wanted and more.

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Bucs go O-Line strong in Day 2 of the draft

Talk about protecting your investment. After selecting Jameis Winston first overall, the team drafts two offensive linemen in the second round. 

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