TBC is back and part of Fox Sports’ new network

TBC Shirt designSome time ago, I announced I’d be taking a break away from my own media affiliation, TheBayCave.com. With what was going on with my wife’s health and some other things away from my writing, I decided to focus on one publication in BucsBlitz.com. 

I took a vacation last week and it was a much needed one. I made it a point to get away from everything: Email, writing, Twitter, etc. Although I kept up with news alerts and texts from a couple colleagues, I didn’t offer up much interaction. Well, in disregarding my email’s inbox, I missed a bit of information that pertained to the potential future of TBC.

I followed up with the email and it so happens that the original network I was once partnered with some time ago, Yardbarker, was informing me that Fox Sports would be re-branding the platform and making it a bigger and bolder network directly correlating with Fox called the Fox Sports Engage Network. Long story short, TheBayCave.com is now a part of this new vision.

badge_160 (1)What does all this mean? Well for starters, it allowed me to bring TBC back to life. I was planning on tabling my own affiliation until further notice but this is a venture I could not pass up. Along with it comes a bigger network which gives TBC a broader spectrum to reach more Bucs fans across the globe. There are other national opportunities being talked about at the moment but that’ll come with time.

The decision gave me the opportunity to also change how TBC looks along with some nuts and bolts on the back end, hopefully providing fans with a great experience when they visit the homepage. There is still some tweaking that needs to be done so just bear with us as we make changes in the coming weeks.

Things won’t change much from my end other than I’ll just be providing more coverage. I appreciate everyone’s continued support as I push forward in providing some of the best information and thoughts on your Tampa Bay Buccaneers as I possibly can. As I continue to receive more information regarding the site’s future as this transition for the network is far from completed, I will continue to provide updates accordingly.

Once again, thank you and GO BUCS.

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