TBC Mailbag: Corners, Johnthan Banks and Glennon trade talks

TheBayCave.com prides itself on interacting with readers, especially on social media. TBC opened the floor for fans in 2014 to ask questions regarding their beloved Buccaneers team. Today, we revisit that platform and answer questions from fans that have reached to us wondering about few things surrounding the team.

This is our first installment of the #TBCMailbag for the 2016 year.

Heading into this year I felt that the organization would be moving forward with Johnthan Banks and Alterraun Verner as their one-two punch at corner for at least the 2016 season. It appeared to be the case up until the moment they signed veteran Brent Grimes in free agency and drafted Gators standout Vernon Hargreaves. That now turns into Banks potentially seeing playing time off the bench.

Banks got a raw deal under now college coach Lovie Smith. Under utilized and perhaps mistreated, the 2013 second-rounder was in the doghouse for some reason in 2015 after having seven interceptions the previous two seasons. For whatever the reason behind that was behind the 2015 mystery, Banks could have been poised for a breakout season. But with the additions this offseason and struggles in workouts, he can find himself in the same situation he was in during the 2015 season. And that’s unfortunate.

I’ll answer both questions here as I feel they go together. Rookie Vernon Hargreaves will undoubtedly be a feature in the Buccaneers defensive secondary. His ability to play both inside and outside provides the team with the flexibility of placing him at either spot. Personally, I feel Hargreaves will see more work on the inside for the majority of the season before given the opportunity to shut things down on the outside.

As for liability concerns about the size at cornerback, their shouldn’t be any. Veteran Brent Grimes (5’10”) has proven each year that he can make plays at the position which is validated by his Pro Bowl selections. Hargreaves (5’11”) will have to adjust to the pro level but is ready for that challenge and Alterraun Verner (5’10”) is no stranger to playing at a Pro Bowl level. The new defensive scheme will allow those three to be in position to make plays on the inside and on the outside. Something we have not seen in quite some time.

At this point I do not see this happening because if the Bucs really wanted to part ways with Mike Glennon it would have happened by now. I’m in the minority in agreeing with general manager Jason Licht and the team when they say he provides insurance if quarterback Jameis Winston gets hurt. The 26-year-old has started games for this team in broken offensive systems and has been more than serviceable. Glennon has proven to be an asset behind the scenes as well in meetings which is something that many don’t mention as often as they should. His involvement was instrumental to Winston’s jump into the NFL ranks in 2015 and is often praised for that.

However, with all that said, teams have inquired, and have inquired often. There hasn’t been enough for the Bucs to pull the trigger on a deal because of the value the team has placed on Glennon’s services. The fact that — from the Buccaneers side — things have been quiet leads me to believe even more a trade will not happen.

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