The Buccaneers select Jameis Winston

The old cliché couldn’t be more true for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: They got their guy. Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is his name and it’s a name Bucs fans will grow to love, if they don’t already.

Tampa Bay makes Winston the first overall selection of the 2015 NFL Draft and their face of the franchise. Winston’s career in college is well documented with a heisman trophy and a national championship as a first year starter. He led the Seminoles to two ACC Championships and the the College Football Playoffs in 2014. His stats are listed below.

His time at Florida State also included some transgressions. From the BB gun incidents to the crab leg story and the yelling of an internet meme after standing on top of a table, Winston’s supposed character issues have been well-documented. Oh yeah, and there is that sexual assault case he has been cleared of several times.

But the Buccaneers looked beyond that. Their research and investigation has led them to believe Winston is nothing more than anyone else that carries some immaturity. His on-the-field prowess is what has lured the Bucs to him. Not to mention, his leadership and respect he has from his teammates is unique. Many executives from across the league haven’t seen this from many players coming out of college.

From the players, to the coaching staff, and to the Glazer family, Winston has won over many. And he will continue to do so as he begins his professional career in pewter.

The Winston era has begun.

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Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

All TB Bucs fans climb aboard. That is IF..you are a REAL Bucs fans. I know there are/were a lot of haters out there who wanted us to pick another QB. Well..we didn't!!  Winston is now officially a Buc.  Get over it. Lets wish him the best in helping us turn this thing around from cellar dwellers to playoff contenders and beyond. Welcome aboard the Pirate ship Jameis. GO BUCS!!

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