The misconception behind the Gerald McCoy debate

Several are still going on about Gerald McCoy — whether for or against him. And actually, no one is against him. Questions regarding his play is all that’s coming up. 

Look, he’s the money man now. The microscope is on him. He slips up, gets called for penalties, GETS PUSHED OFF THE BALL BY A ROOKIE CONSISTENTLY, we are going to write and talk about it. The label of “great” gets thrown around way too much. People say he needs help to do what he does.

If that’s true then don’t give him that title just yet.

The staff knows he struggles a bit against the run and he struggles splitting double teams. That’s no secret. He’s not consistent in those areas. Hell, even Jason Licht was not happy with the interior line play from the starters in preseason and has been disappointed in them throughout camp, saying there is not enough push from those guys. He’s certainly not happy seeing his money man getting handled by a rookie in practice. (But on the flip side he’s happy his rookie is handling his money man, if that makes sense.)

Do the Bucs need Gerald McCoy? Absolutely. Is he crucial to the team’s success? Sure. But understand that being labeled “great” is always subject to interpretation as well as who that person is being compared to.

As stated earlier, no one is against McCoy. We all want him to succeed but more importantly the team itself. He just needs to be able to take over an offensive line and show up later in games to help close them out.

Then we can talk about greatness.

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houseofbacon83 said : Guest Report 11 months ago

GilArciaTBC TheBayCave nice balanced words, gil. Not a topic people should be angry about.

pinnacl3 said : Guest Report 11 months ago


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