The uneducated continue to pile on Kwon Alexander

kWONHere at TheBayCave.com, we enjoy breaking down film and discuss what could have been or what was in our articles. However, when we break down games and plays we don’t say a player heard the wrong call or was out of position because, well, we aren’t the coaches or players on the field or in practice meetings. We may even go as far as saying “perhaps” a player was out of position. Perhaps.

Still, it’s nothing like what these keyboard and stat geek warriors continue to do to Buccaneers linebacker Kwon Alexander.

After their stupid and idiotic claim that Alexander was not as good as many thought last season, the glorified keyboard nerds at Pro Football Focus have continued this offseason to pile on his rookie campaign and their latest falls nothing short of that. Via our good friends at JoeBucsFan.com, PFF’s Sam Monson suggests (like they have before) that Alexander’s tape is being “glossed over.”

Alexander was named NFL’s Rookie of the Week twice, as well as the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Week for his performance in Week 8. He made some big plays in his rookie season, but there was a lot of bad to go along with the good, and that seems to be getting glossed over.

Take that award-winning performance against Atlanta in Week 8 as an example. He had six solo tackles, an interception and a forced fumble, and he had another interception on a free play for Matt Ryan that was nullified. If you distill his performance down into three box-score numbers it looked great, but if you start evaluating all 78 snaps he was on the field for, it looks far less impressive.

This is such a joke of a claim. You can take all snaps from EVERY player in the league and find flaws. There is not one player you won’t find with some kind of problems. Missed throws by Tom Brady, Richard Sherman being scored on, even JJ Watt has missed tackles (did so against the Bucs). PFF’s continued grilling of Kwon Alexander and the Bucs’ offseason decisions among other things continue to prove how out of touch that group is.

Going back to the piece at hand, no, I am not sure what else Monson had to say because I have not linked them directly in a story since league scouts told me some seasons ago that claims and grades from those stat guys are “cute” and not looked at for any reason. All PFF has done is continue to validate what I have been told.

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John Abbott said : Guest Report a month ago

As I recall, they also graded Anthony Collins as statistically the best left tackle in the league before the Bucs paid big bucks for him. Look how that ended up. They tore up the Bucs GM and HC for that one but PFF was nowhere to be seen. In other words, tell your statistics to shut up !!!!

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