Time for Winston to dethrone McCoy

The fans have had enough. Several within the organization may have had enough. The time is now. Rookie quarterback Jameis Winston should not be held back anymore.

Last week’s loss to the Washington Redskins has been talked about, dissected and now serves as evidence of a poorly led football team. Defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is not the leader this team needs. Many of  you have seen McCoy mic’d up. You see the kind of guy he is on the field, telling his teammates to “chill” after they just got their asses handed to them. He has asked teammates to pipe it down following a loss. You get the complete opposite with Winston.

I know Winston’s character, how he is with his teammates as I followed his career at Florida State. I have seen him this season on the field in between possessions down 42-7 in Week 1 high-fiving the offensive players as they jogged back out onto the field — a drive they scored their second touchdown. I witnessed him getting in the ears of players against Jacksonville while patting the tops of their helmets. This past week on Showtime’s Inside The NFL I saw and heard him in action once again.

As the defense was ready to take the field for what we now know was the Redskins’ game-winning drive, Winston was animated, going to each defensive lineman — George Johnson, William Gholston, Akeem Spence  and Clinton McDonald — saying, “Get that look on your face! It’s a new ballgame!”

That’s the kind of fire this team needs and the fire they have been missing. But he is constantly asked to tone it down. Why? Why will this team — primarily McCoy — want to hold this kid back?

Enough is enough. Time to let Winston be the leader he was born to be. Let him be the leader this team needs.

And that has to start Sunday against the Atlanta Falcons.

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BigGhost81 said : Guest Report 9 months ago

Please unleash Jameis and Dethrone McCoy.....McCoy has had several years to put his stamp on the team/defense but has always come up short, as our defense has yet to be dominant!!! He lacks fire, emotion and the "It" that Jameis has!! Jameis was drafted to be the leader of this football team, it's time to let him do what he was drafted for now and don't hold him back!!!! He has shown he can lead a team on the field and get the players geared up to take the field!! He's on the sidelines talkin to both offense and defensive players, something that McCoy doesn't do---He's too busy coloring his hair and being a big ass kid!!! Jameis will lead this team back to glory!!!

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