Trey Flowers Breakdown

Trey Flowers, DE, University of Arkansas

Height: 6’3″ (From Team Site)
Weight: 270 lbs (From team site)
Year: Sr

Trait Notes:
Get Off – C-
Explosion – C-
Hand Usage – C-
Leverage – C
Bend – D+
Closing Speed – C
Block Shedding – B-
Functional Strength – B-
Tackling – C
Overall Current Grade – C-
Overall Ceiling Grade – B-

Get off, leverage and bend.

Flowers did not display good get off. Flowers often appears to be asked to read and react instead of simply playing the run on the way to the pass. For Hurricane fans, this should sound familiar as Chickillo out of UM is asked to do much of the same. Flowers appears to have the ability to do this, but grading simply on what’s available, it’s just not there. Rather than leave it at this, I’d like to explain why I see the potential there. Flowers gets a handful of opportunities a game to really jump the gun and get after the quarterback, on these handful of plays, he does a good job getting into the body of the lineman and bull rushing his way in. The power is there, I believe the explosion and get off may very well be there too if he were allowed to exploit it more often.

Flowers shows good leverage, he isn’t a great body bender and when turning the corner he can get stuffed but Flowers does stay low and use leg drive and arm strength to work his way into the pocket. Playing with leverage is an important part of the battle, one that many players still need work on but Flowers appears to understand and uses it to his advantage regularly.

Back to bend, Flowers just isn’t a great bender. Flowers is an up-field player that struggles to stay balanced when bending. Flowers is able to move in traffic and change direction decently, but the bend aspect is lacking.

Hand usage, movement, strength and ability to get off blocks.

Flowers uses his hands but is not very effective with it. Flowers lacks the violent movements and aggression with his hand work which keeps him from getting by with the moves. Flowers is best when putting his hands into the lineman’s chest and simply moving the mountain.

Flowers moves well, in particular while in traffic. Flowers does a good job staying balanced and displays good body control. Angles taken to the ball are a plus, Flowers shows the awareness needed to weave in traffic and cover ground in space to the flats. Flowers has good hip drive and going back to burst/explosion, his open field movements and ability to break down and drive into the pile again reinforces a belief that the explosion potential is in him.

Flowers displays good functional strength and as I’ve mentioned before, he shows a good bull rush. Flowers is able to convert his movements into good power with leverage and leg drive and does a good job baiting lineman into his secondary moves. While limited move wise, Flowers does attempt them and has been successful on a consistent basis getting off his initial blocker.

Closing speed, pursuit and tackling.

Flowers does a good taking himself into another gear in tight areas. Once in the pocket, the explosion is there. Flowers top end speed is not on the same level as the top two tiers of pass rushers in this class, it just isn’t his game. Overall, Flowers closing speed will limit him in the NFL.

Flowers is a willing pursuer of the football, he will follow the play side to side but does not show the ferocity in his pursuit that you would like to see. While players like Fowler Jr. are going full speed ahead, Flowers is simply following the play seemingly to follow, not to make a significant impact.

Flowers shows average tackling skills. He isn’t a great wrap up and break down tackler but he can get the job done. His lack of finishing power can be greatly attributed to his target area, which tends to be the knees and lower. Because of this target zone, you will see some broken tackles and all out misses.

Where does Flowers need to improve?

Flowers needs to show a better burst and more aggression in his finishes. On top of this, I’d like to see a more energized players when the play isn’t directed at him. Flowers has the ability from what I have seen on tape, it’s simply a matter of letting him play to his strengths on a consistent basis and getting that top effort level out of him. With the combine approaching it will be interesting to see how Flowers will test in the explosion department. His 40 splits, broad jump and vertical can be used as indicators for explosive potential. Regardless of how good the results may be though, its imperative he manages to put them into action on the football field.

Where does Flowers fit with the Bucs?

The Buccaneers may be losing Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers to free agency. There is also a possibility that the team cuts it’s losses and releases Michael Johnson. If neither of the first two are resigned and the third (MJ) happens, the team will need to add some depth and presumably another starter opposite Jacquies Smith. Flowers would provide depth as a rotational player that the team can develop in their scheme, one that fits Flowers skill set a bit more favorably than that of Arkansas’.

Overall, Flowers grades in as a 7.1 overall. He lacks the elite skill set to be a premier player but displays everything necessary to have a productive role as a reserve for quite some time.

Short Term Outlook:

Flowers offers up as a limited role player in year one while continuing to develop. Spot rotational player.

Long Term Outlook:

Flowers looks like a potential long term role player as a second line defensive end. His power and ability to hold the edge will make him a productive rotational end.

Draft Prediction:

I struggle to see him going higher than round three. Most comfortable in the 4th.

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