What to make of the Greg Hardy situation

Defensive end Greg Hardy and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a pairing many would like to see become a reality. But if you follow what has been reported, it may not happen. 

Let’s try to put together a timeline of some reports pertaining to Hardy and determine where is the likely landing spot.

NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport has also tied the Bucs to Hardy says that Tampa Bay is really interested in him but adds that Hardy and the Cowboys are in the negotiation phase.

There is one main thing that sticks out in all this and that is how awfully bad this campaign is being played out. Hardy has been in Dallas since last night and is taking a physical with the team. Do the Bucs have interest? Sure. But there has been no meeting set and while the Bucs appear to be next in line it is doubtful there is a real strong push like the Cowboys.

Then there is this:

It’s great to read that the Buccaneers are reportedly set to be named as the team that Hardy may choose, but this looks like a classic case of Hardy’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, using the Buccaneer name as leverage to get the Cowboys to bite.

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Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

Not a hater Actually I agree with you on the trade. But  I like Winston is a QB. I do think he will do well in the Pro's. Lets keep it real here...Face the music Buc fans.... 2-14 means..we sucked!! OUR NEEDS ARE TO MANY..TOO GREAT.!! We need 2 great O linemen, A defensive end and a safety. Ohh and whatever else we can get. No, Glennon may not be the answer. But he's quite serviceable and will play decent behind a good O line. With 2 1st rders, we could pick up those 2 linemen. And 2 good ones at that!!..who will play for a long time. Who knows what else Philly would give up? Maybe a 2nd or a 3rd rder? They could give us an offer to good to refuse!! As for Winston not attending the draft? That move may be orchestrated by the NFL front office itself. GO BUCS!!

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

I would Love for the KRACKEN to play for my Bucs. Hardy is a beast!! But..Jerry Jones is crafty. And if he really wants Hardy? He will get him. Just imaging Hardy coming off the end wrecking havoc brings me to tears!! Ok..I just woke up. Nice dream.

Not a hater said : Guest Report one year ago

The Bucs need to sign Hardy and trade out of the #1 position for Philidelphia's two 1st round picks. With those picks we can get some of then necessary pieces that will make the Bucs great for years to come. We are not 1,2 or even 3 pieces away from a Super Bowl - so let's start acting like it. Winston is not the missing ingredient and is a potential disaster waiting to happen. To prove my point - he is looking at being a #1 pick in the entire draft - sign a contract for millions of dollars and what does he do? Tells everyone he doesn't want to attend a draft where he himself could be Queen for the day! Stay home Winston - the Bucs don't need you!

BucVizion said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC why go to a team that the owner care about money not winning. He said it his said last off season.

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