The misconception of Winston’s second accuser

It’s quite comical when the Jameis Winston detractors want to immediately kill off his character. Especially when they use a two-year old claim as a base to their (invalid) arguments. 

Back in 2013, there was a claim by the legal team for Winston’s first accuser Erica Kinsman that there was a second victim, sort of. They said the victim reached out to a victim advocate group about her encounter with Winston. However, she said then the encounter was consensual and it was not rape or assault.

Her legal team then tried to sensationalize the claim a few months ago by bringing it up in the Title IX suit and also in the civil suit from over a weeks ago by saying that it was assault.

Right. After the initial fact that it was not, now it is.

But as I have adamantly said on Twitter and on separate podcasts, the case of this second accuser won’t hurt Winston as it is merely myth. To back that statement up some more, The Tampa Tribune published an article saying how the state attorney’s office also feels it’s a non-issue.

Though [Lead investigator Georgia Cappleman] acknowledged she has not had contact with the second woman, she said she told the Bucs she “doubts” the woman will be a problem for Winston going forward because that person “doesn’t even consider herself a victim.”

So there you go. Why detractors continue to bring her up is ridiculous.

I’d be surprised if this gains anymore steam. It has actually already gotten more than what it deserves. But again, people will continue to assassinate his character. That may not stop anytime soon.

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the coyote said : Guest Report one year ago

@Steven THANK YOU for pointing that out to him. I'm not sure what his deal is but he always seems to respond to me very negatively. So maybe you might want to read past anything he writes toward you. For myself I have this really great button on my computer called delete. I will not respond to him any more. Lets just hope that are team can somehow turn things around. GO BUCCANEERS

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

@Steven  Hmnnn. I can tell you scored low on the SAT/ACT reading comprehension section. I..forgive you sir. Read the Rape word in the coyote text. I'll wait until you go get somebody who can read.......

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

@Steven  Coulda..Woulda..and Shoulda...all Mr and Mrs..supposition. Just the FACTS sir..Just the FACTS. And show me that mythical FACT of guilt. I'm waiting....................Don't worry its like that movie, Creepshow..."I can hold my breath for a long..long time!!!

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

@Steven  And you my dear sir should, "Ruck up" and prepare for the coming of Winston to Tampa Bay. Winning is the only thing that matters..Vince Lombardi!!

the coyote said : Guest Report one year ago

MarcusGarvey2 I have to disagree about your comment I for one am not ignorant or racist. these are very serious charges and one way or another someone will get hurt. If this woman is lying she needs to be punished but if these charges are true Jamies needs to be punished also. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.  I personally like Marcus better and believe he is a better Q.B. but that's just my opinion and that doesn't make me ignorant or racist. This is AMERICA and what makes are country so great is we all are aloud to have there opinion. If you believe in stats look them up for your self Marcus Mariota's stats are a lot better then Jamies Winston. In the end we all want the same thing and that is for are team to win games. And to win those games with style, class, and talent  and even luck at times.

Travis said : Guest Report one year ago

Lol these articles are a joke. You make fun of detractors but its obvious you are a winston fan boy. You going to remember all your posts the past few months 4 years from now when this guy busts or is in a ray rice situation....Or are you going to ignore it, slam management and act like we should have taken mariotta all along????

BushidoEvans said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC I thought so, but oddly enough I have some friends in Tampa that just said something to me about it.

BushidoEvans said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC ugh...offer lol

BushidoEvans said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC *offrr

BushidoEvans said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC hey Gil what's this I'm hearing about the Bears potentially making a huge over for #1, have you heard anything?

TWilk84 said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC biggmike729

VotingGuy said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC D1Scottie Do the Bucs helicopter Jaboowins in to RJS from Alabama. Brilliant.

TWilk84 said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC D1Scottie Gil you serious!? Not trolling us? Wasn't planning on going to the stadium but....

GilArciaTBC said : Guest Report one year ago

.D1Scottie Usually next day. But there are rumblings of fans being encouraged to stay at RJS a little longer Thurs. night for a surprise.

D1Scottie said : Guest Report one year ago

GilArciaTBC question? Will Winston get flown in Thurs night to meet the staff officially or will this happen Friday?

Steven said : Guest Report one year ago

@ Relaxedmike its also a fact that the case was not investigated until a year after she claimed she was raped. The case was clearly poorly handled.

Steven said : Guest Report one year ago

@Relaxedmike You should actually read his comment before making yourself look incredibly stupid. No where in his post did he said that anyone was raped....

MarcusGarvey2 said : Guest Report one year ago

Most of these haters are just plain ignorant racists.

PewterBleedin said : Guest Report one year ago

@SnookDaddy Unfortunately, Snook, you missed the context. The myth is the fact that they claim it was assault when the second accuser herself said it was consensual. THAT is FACT. But I wouldn't expect anything else from someone who clearly reads what they want.

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

@SnookDaddy  Its also a FACT....Winston has not been indicted, prosecuted, adjudicated nor convicted of any rape. And this FACT is the most..important of them all!!

Relaxedmike said : Guest Report one year ago

the coyote How do you know..Somebody was raped? Are you Nostadamus? better yet...Edgar Cayce?  Thank God you were not the Leon county  prosecutor who found no evidence. Heck, you probably would have....planted some!!

the coyote said : Guest Report one year ago

They all will have there day in court and I hope that whatever the truth may be will come out. Are legal system isn't perfect but I hope that they get this one right for all involved. If this woman is lying Jamies Winston can and should press charges on her. But if he is guilty I hope he gets what's coming to him. I know someone that was actually raped and I'm here to tell you even years later she is still suffering. Maybe Jamies Winston needs to learn how to stay away from things that could hurt him or others. As I've said I just want the system to get this right one way or another so we all can move on. Personally I am not a fan of Jamies Winston and believe he isn't as  good as many may think. And for my team ( the Buccaneers ) I think there is just to much at stake here and at this point the risk is to high. I am a fan of Marcus Mariota and would feel the same way about him if he was in this situation but he is not he knows how not to put himself in a situations that may hurt himself or others. And in my opinion is a better Q.B. but we all know Lovie has not made very many good choices since coming to Tampa Bay and hw will pick Jamies Winston and it does not matter what the other coaches may think. This can turn into another really bad season. But I sure hope I'm wrong.                                                                                 " GO BUCCANEERS "

SnookDaddy said : Guest Report one year ago

From the New York Times last year: "A month before the rape accusation became public, the university’s victim advocate learned that a second woman had sought counseling after a sexual encounter with Mr. Winston, according to the prosecutor’s office. The woman did not call it rape — she did not say “no.” But the encounter, not previously reported, “was of such a nature that she felt violated or felt that she needed to seek some type of counseling for her emotions about the experience,” according to Georgia Cappleman, the chief assistant state attorney, who said she had spoken with the advocate but not with the woman." In your bizarre haste to defend the character of Winston—a kid many if not most see as a social degenerate—you might want to be a bit less hasty using the term "myth", son. A second woman did indeed report that WInston treated her badly during a sexual encounter. You can attempt to make light of it, but it's a FACT. As is his prosecuted theft of merchandise at a Publix and unprosecuted theft at a Burger King. As is his profane behavior in a very public place. As is the $4,000+ in damage he created on campus with a pellet gun. As is his very public and repeat insubordination toward his head coach. All of the character stuff aside, the guy is just wildly overrated: soft build, awkward movement, super-slow wind-up and delivery, a tendency to throw into tight coverage, etc. In an age where teams are more paranoid than ever, the fact that WInston is still being discussed as as a top pick is a mystery without an answer.

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